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College and Careers

GOAL: All students will graduate ready for college and career with the skills and knowledge required for success in the 21st century.

A commitment to college and career readiness is a promise to all of our students that graduation from high school will prepare them for whatever they choose to do next. Regardless of whether a student prefers to enroll in a 4-year university, 2-year community college or technical school, or go directly into the work force or military, a college and career ready student will be better prepared to take on the challenges in any of those new settings.

The Sunnyside Unified School District offers several opportunities to help K-12 students prepare for a postsecondary education and career. In addition to the programs listed here, there may be other opportunities at the individual school sites. We suggest that you contact the counseling office at your child’s school to find out what is available.

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Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) A program that identifies underserved students in grades seven through 12 who demonstrate high potential despite average grades, and prepares them to enter a four-year college. Contact: middle or high school counseling offices.

Career and Technical Education Programs (CTE) and Joint Technological Education District (JTED) CTE and JTED courses enable students to acquire skills that can lead to an industry-recognized credential or certificate, or an associate or baccalaureate degree in a specific career field. Contact: Jacqueline Croteau, CTE Coordinator, 545-2163.

College Academy for Parents (CAP) CAP is a program offered by the UA, for parents of elementary school children. Twelve weekly workshops offer information on academic preparation, college admission, financial aid and scholarships. Contact: UA Office of Early Academic Outreach, 520-626-2300.

College Visitation College representatives have a scheduled visit time on a monthly basis for each of our high schools. Students may sign up to meet with the college representatives for information on admissions, scholarships, financial aid, orientation and summer programs. Contact: DVHS counseling office, 545-5110 or SHS counseling office, 545-5312.

Guidance Curriculum SUSD counselors deliver a series of lessons to students that address School Board adopted competencies in the areas of academic, person-social growth, and careers. In those lessons, counselors consistently focus on postsecondary planning which includes helping students understand the connections between their career goals and their academic plans.

Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Achievement (MESA) An intensive college preparation program designed for ethnic minority and first-generation college-bound students. Programs are available in the middle and high schools for hands-on activities related to math, engineering, and science. Contact: UA Early Academic Outreach Office at 626-2300 or your school’s counseling office.

National Honor Society (NHS) NHS is a national honors program that recognizes students for excelling in high school coursework. Eligibility for NHS is primarily based on the student’s cumulative grade point average. In addition, elements of rigorous coursework and community service may be required. Contact: DVHS counseling office, 545-5109 or SHS counseling office, 545-5309.

Pima Community College Concurrent Enrollment Classes Both Desert View and Sunnyside high schools offer courses in math and writing, in which students may earn college credit. Contact: DVHS counseling office, 545-5110 or SHS counseling office, 545-5312.

Program of Excellence This college preparatory program offered by Desert View High School helps students complete a specific number of credits from the academic course offerings, earn a cumulative 3.25 grade point average and a minimum of 24 credits. Students must also complete a senior project. Contact: Heather McAuley, counselor, 545-5111.

Sunnyside High School Honors Academy The Honors Academy provides a quality college preparatory program for highly motivated students to help them achieve their career goals. It is an open enrollment program for the serious student who plans to attend a four-year university. Contact: Rich Mayorga, 545-5422.

Talent Search - Pima Community College A program is designed to prepare students for a post-secondary education. Talent Search is available to all district middle and high schools.

Upward Bound Upward Bound is a grant-funded program which identifies first-generation college-bound students and offers enrichment experience ranging from summer programs to academic support. Families are also involved thorough education of college preparation services. Contact: DVHS counseling office, 545-5109 or SHS counseling office, 545-5309.