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District staff directory

This searchable directory includes staff members who are listed on the SUSD website. For staff members not on this list please contact the school or department.

This searchable directory includes staff members who are listed on the SUSD website. For staff members not on this list please contact the school or department.

You may filter this list by selecting a department from the dropdown menu or by entering the last name of the district member you wish to contact.

Last name First name Job title Site location Phone
Alvarado Alma G. Parent Engagement Coordinator Parents As Teachers (PAT) 545-3659
Ayala Rene Accounting Specialist Business & Finance 545-2032
Baca Javier Executive Director Information Technologies 545-2054
Barnett Helda Secretary Social Services 545-2985
Barrette-Mozes Susan Counselor Sunnyside High School 545-5312
Bauschka Tammi Innovation for Learning Coordinator Curriculum & Instruction 545-2161
Bayze Aida School Bus Driver Trainer Transportation 545-2114
Benavidez John Principal Chaparral Middle School 545-4700
Bergman, Ed. D. Dr. Debra Assistant Superintendent: HR / Organizational Development Human Resources 545-2068
Betten Pam Director of Middle Schools and One-to-One Computing Curriculum & Instruction 545-2084
Bova Cindy Planner/Scheduler Maintenance 545-2109
Brockman Hector M. Graphic Arts Technician Public Information 545-2088
Calderon Bobby Supervisor Information Technologies 545-2055
Cardenas Cristela Principal Gallego Basic Elementary School 545-3000
Carrillo Emma Principal Esperanza Elementary School 545-2900
Carrillo Dong Eva Governing Board President Governing Board 545-2022
Castro Mario Information Technologies Instructional Coach Desert View High School 545-2238
Cecilia Teran Accounting Clerk Purchasing, Property Control & Warehouse 545-2145
Cohn Bernie Assistant Superintendent: Operations and Security Operations & Facilities Planning 545-2070
Coleman Sandra Graphic Arts Technician Public Information 545-2087
Cooper Lacey RECC Assistant Coordinator Prevention and Safety 545-5761
Cota Maria Secretary Public Information 545-2086
Crouch Buck Governing Board Clerk Governing Board 545-2022
Dawson Ed Director Title I 545-2132
DeLaney Rosemary Accounting Clerk Purchasing, Property Control & Warehouse 545-2145
Delgado Georgina Information Technologies Administrative Assistant Information Technologies 545-2189
Dingman Camilla Payroll Supervisor Business & Finance 545-2037
Disney Jody Director Health Services 545-4611
Dong Kathy IT Instructional Coach Technology Coaching 545-2238
Dunham Gavin Videographer/Editor Public Information 545-2146
Emslie Laura Human Resources Manager Human Resources 545-2039
Encinas Monica Secretary Transportation 545-2106
Encinas Blanche Secretary Information Technologies 545-2054
Encinas Olivia Secretary Operations & Facilities Planning 545-2070
Encinas Hector M. Chief Financial Officer Business & Finance 545-2154
Enriquez Sally Social Worker Social Services 545-2986
Espino Sandy Router Transportation 545-2119
Espinosa Frank Program Assistant Curriculum & Instruction 545-2196
Favela, Ph.D. Eugenia Assistant Superintendent Student Services 545-2065
Felix Jose Warehouse Supervisor Purchasing, Property Control & Warehouse 545-2050
Fernandez Carmen Director for Language Acquisition and Literacy Curriculum & Instruction 545-2183
Foster Andrea Parent Engagement Coordinator Title I 545-2027
Gamez Patti Principal Rosemarie Rivera Elementary School 545-3900
Garcia Debra Grant Coordinator Grants 545-2000
Garrison Debbie Student Records Custodian Information Technologies 545-2395
Gastelum Jose Principal Desert View High School 545-5100
Giffin Eric Governing Board Member Governing Board 545-2022
Gonzalez Jim School Bus Driver Trainer Transportation 545-2114
Greenlee Liz Program Assistant Information Technologies 545-2069
Harford Brenda Program Assistant Special Education 545-3465
Helmey Debra Lead Procurement Specialist Purchasing, Property Control & Warehouse 545-2138
Hernandez Angelica Substitute Coordinator Human Resources 545-2008
Hernandez, Jr. Daniel Governing Board President Governing Board 545-2022
Hooker Sharon S.U.N Gifted and Talented Director Serving Unique Needs (SUN) Gifted Program 545-2000
Hubbard Tom Bond Project Manager Operations & Facilities Planning 545-2204
Huerta Adelfo Technology Training Coordinator Technology Training 545-2153
Irwin Mark Assistant Director Information Technologies 545-2253
Islas Cindy Principal Mission Manor Elementary School 545-3500
Islas Eddie Principal Santa Clara Elementary School 545-3700
Johnson Jane Social Worker Desert View High School 545-5152
Jones Margie Executive Assistant to the Governing Board and Superintendent Governing Board 545-2022
Katz Joan Coordinator Parents As Teachers (PAT) 545-2360
Kmak Ken Director Business Operations Business & Finance 545-2043
Krause Dedee Principal Los Niños Elementary School 545-3300
Laird Kathy Medicaid Reimbursement Specialist Special Education 545-2137
Leal Steve Economic Development Specialist Public Information 545-2247
Leon Roberta "Bobbi" Administrative Secretary Superintendent 545-2025
Lindberg Julia Coordinator Language Acquisition and Development 545-2365
Lizarraga Francisco Technology Trainer Technology Training 545-2249
Lopez Eleanor Trainer Transportation 545-2107
Lopez Cristina Human Resources Data Technician Human Resources 545-2010
Lopez-Miranda Valerie Principal Los Amigos Technology Academy 545-3800
Martin Bernadette Program Assistant Prevention and Safety 545-5321
Martinez Betty Supervisor Human Resources 545-2006
Massani Roy Interim Principal Apollo Middle School 545-4500
McCormick Frank IT Instructional Coach Technology Coaching 545-2238
McDougal Christie Math Coordinator Curriculum & Instruction 545-2239
Menchaca Art Principal S.T.A.R. Academic Center
Mendivil Gilbert Assistant Director Food Services 545-2156
Mendoza Sylvia Secretary Ocotillo Early Learning Center 545-3670
Mendoza Araceli McKinney-Vento Program Assistant Title I 545-2158
Meraz Guillermo Webmaster Public Information 545-2090
Miller Sara Program Assistant Curriculum & Instruction 545-2063
Miranda Bob Principal Billy Lane Lauffer Middle School 545-4900
Molina Sixto Assistant Director Transportation 545-5321
Montano Mary Principal Summit View Elementary School 545-3801
Moraga Pamela Administrative Secretary Athletics 545-2231
Morales Frank Coordinator Prevention and Safety 545-5321
Moreno Clarissa Graphic Arts Specialist Public Information 545-2092
Morita Michelle Administrative Secretary Human Resources 545-2080
Novak Barbara Health Coordinator Teenage Parent Program 889-6689
Oakley John Director Food Services 545-2078
Ochoa Raul Counselor Desert View High School 545-5703
Ohm Paul Coordinator Ocotillo Early Learning Center 545-3670
Orci Eneida Principal Drexel Elementary School 545-2700
Pacheco Patricia Benefits Analyst Human Resources 545-2067
Palomarez LeeAnn Secretary Career Ladder 545-2012
Pitts Tracy Case Manager Teenage Parent Program 545-5327
Ponce Stephanie Digital Curriculum Coordinator Curriculum & Instruction 545-2151
Posada Ismael Assistant Director Prevention and Safety 545-5321